2015 Almont Events and Exhibitions

Jan 1st to Feb 15th  -   "View Through a Lens– looking at the world through the eyes of three photographers.
Featured Artist:Anna Grosch, Tom Voss, and Neil Zimmerman.
Feb 16th to March 31st  -   "A Look at Landscapes"
Featured Artist: Audrey Casey, Renee Couture, Jennifer Hicks, and Mark Mueller.
April 1st to May 15th  -   "Signs of Spring"
Featured Artist:Michelle Freuck, Connie Pelzek, and Ann Windell.
May 16th to June 30th  -   "A Painterly Approach"
Featured Artist:Samantha Konop, and Lucien Woodring.
July 1st to Aug 15th  -   "Stuff and Nonsense"
Featured Artist: Gailmarie Haller, Jeff Homar, and Jim Honeck.
Aug 16th to Sept 30th  -  "A Fresh Look at Portraiture"
Featured Artist: Tom Hicks and Dint Sweitzer.
Oct 1st to Nov 14st  -  "Made by Hand: Functional and Decorative Crafts"
Featured Artist:Laura Fesser, Lynn Gaffey, and Don Maupin.
Nov 15th to Dec 31st  -  "The Art of The Gift"
featuring all the ALMONT GALLERY artists