2019 Almont Events and Exhibitions

Jan 1st to Feb 15th  -   "View Through a Lens": Unique views of the world around us through photography.
Feb 16th to March 31st  -   "A Look at Landscapes": Varied and subjective looks at our shared environment.
April 1st to May 15th  -   "Signs of Spring": These artworks will put some spring in your step.
May 16th to June 30th  -   "A Painterly Approach": Unique techniques, beautiful colors, lots of paintings.
July 1st to Aug 15th  -   "Stuff and Nonsense": Art created from repurposed materials.
Aug 16th to Sept 30th  -  "A Fresh Look at Portraiture": Varying views and visages.
Oct 1st to Nov 14st  -  "Made by Hand: Functional and Decorative Crafts": Functional and Decorative Crafts.
Nov 15th to Dec 31st  -  "The Art of The Gift"
featuring all the ALMONT GALLERY artists